Monday, September 13, 2010

Letting Go...Holding On

It has been so long since blogging. I am considering giving this another try at my husband's suggestion. I love to write, and have a lot on my heart and mind. I am so hesitant to say much. I have been in a learning phase for so long now. I have tried to be quiet, seeking knowledge and trying to gain maturity. I have been thinking so much about what life means, and more specifically, what my life has meant to me. I have gone over the details of my life, crying inside over many things and learning how to let go. Other details of my life I have felt overjoyed about and am trying to hold on to those. I have felt so weak and have made so many mistakes. I still do not feel strong enough to say that I could lead anyone in a straight direction at this point, but I am willing to share some things and hear from others as well.

I am learning to let go of:

1. Striving for perfection
2. Looking to people to validate who I am
3. Holding everything inside of me
4. Control
5. People who have hurt me
6. Thinking every day has to be happy
7. I might add more later...this list could get too long.

I am learning to hold on to:

1. God's strength in all things
2. God's love that carries me through all things
3. The love for others who have been there for me
4. The love for others who need me
5. Gratefulness and love for my husband who is truly the best
6. Precious moments with my children who are growing too fast
7. Moments that teach me something new...even things that hurt or days that are unhappy
8. And more to come.....


theterpsichoreanvector said...

Your heart is so profoundly strong and delicate at the same time. Your sweet spirit is so encouraging and uplifting. Thank you for your gentle thoughts.

Melissa Nicole said...

Thank you sweet truly are sweet you know. Like Skittles!!! :D