Friday, January 15, 2010

Avacados-a baby's first food

Not all people would enjoy reading an entry entirely based on babies eating mashed up, slimy food. But is my new journey right now with my 6 month old baby. So, I tried powdered rice cereal first mixed with apple juice. He liked that for the first two days. Then I tried some homemade applesauce. That was a no go. I am guessing it was too sour. Poor baby. Then I tried Gerber baby food applesauce, peaches and pears. Again, it was not liked. After trying several new items, he had learned the technique of batting the spoon away and barring the door to his mouth with his tongue. That was too funny, but I felt sorry for him. Back to the drawing board...bananas maybe? No, not really. Batting the spoon away became a game and "No, no" has now been a learned comment from Mommy. He is such a good boy. He listens so well. Tonight I tried avocado, mashed up really well. He seemed to like it better, even though bananas were in it too. The avocado being a first food for babies is something I read on the following website.
Now I am excited to try it again. So, for those looking for a good beginner baby food...hope this works for you too. No more sour faces and healthy baby here we come!!


I am overwhelmed today by God's love displayed to me through my husband and children. I look at myself and see so many things I do not like. I see my faults and failures all too plainly. I am truly unworthy of my Father's love, and yet he adores me. That is so far beyond my understanding. My Father has poured his heart of love into my husband and children and it flows out to me unreservedly. I am blessed by the sweet kisses from my daughter, hugs given to me by big boy arms, and little baby fingers stroking my face. Words and songs and years of devotion (not to mention an enormous amount of patience) given to me by my husband stuns me. On I journey through life...never will I be perfect or worthy of God's love. I can trust, however, that God will always be near. He will always love me even though I am imperfect. I thank God for my precious children. The simple things often overlooked as expressions of God's love, like little giggles, cheerful smiles, secrets told and even delicate tears I no longer want to overlook. The trust given to me as hearts unfold, the words "Hey, Mommy..." spoken over a thousand times a day, and the gentle shoulder rubs by my husband in the evening, I no longer want to see as common. They are all beautiful expressions of love. Thank you God for loving me in all my unworthiness....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Blog...

This is my first time to blog and I am experimenting a little bit. My children are rising out of bed and I sit here and listen to their chatting. They all bring such happiness to my day. At times they challenge me to think deeper, to answer life's unanswered questions. They challenge me to be better, and sometimes I wonder if I did not have them, what I would be like today. I enjoy their smiles, jokes, silliness, as well as their soft hearts for God and for man. Well, I will close for now as I am needed to teach today. Breakfast is almost done for the morning and books are being piled about the house. Baby Andrew is getting close to needing to be held and is tiring of the constant chatter around him. Here we go, another day....