Monday, September 20, 2010

Cinderella Christianity

I thought I was created for more. I am not sure if I had a fairy tale view of Christianity, or if it was blind faith and the zeal of youth. When I was young I wanted to be like Florence Nightingale, or Pollyanna. If I couldn't bandage people's wounds, then at least I could change their lives and make them smile. My dreams were nice. I truly wanted to be something great. A few years ago, we thought about working overseas somewhere as missionaries. I still want to be something great, but I have come to accept that whatever God has given me to do right here, right now...IS great. I may not feel great sitting in my jeans, t-shirt, and hair up in a pony tail. I may be crabby, frazzled and covered in laundry. This work is what God has called me to do. It IS doing the work of God, and it is great. I don't feel holy doing the dishes, though it would be nice. Maybe some day I will wake up and find myself somewhere wiping the brow of a wounded and dying soldier. Maybe instead, I will be skipping down the streets in pretty dresses, singing to the forlorn, and making them smile. I think that even then I would not "feel" like what I was doing was something great, or holy. I think that I can enjoy what I do each day, and know that God looks upon me with joy just for living and loving Him, and doing what I do to the very best of my ability. Maybe I am living out my happily ever after.


Miranda said...

Love this post! It's so true, I feel the same way often. The devil is so mean and deceitful. Thanks for the encouragement!!

Anonymous said...

Don't ya hate how we grow up learning that our identity is found in what we do...the greater the "" the great a person we are. You're right Miranda, what a lie. Our greatness is found in just being God's child. Isn't that what makes our kids "great" in our eyes...the fact that they are ours, regardless if they squabble, bicker, their handwritting is sloppy, their chores are undone, bad attitudes, or however bad it gets. They/we are great because of who they/we are not what they/we do.

Good post "Child of Promise."