Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Duct Tape Anyone??

I wonder if there is any value in a broken vase? I have many things around my house that are broken. They are truly beyond repair. They should probably be in the trash, rather than in my home any longer, but that is beside the point. I find broken crayons that no one wants to use, broken baby toys, clothes that have holes in annoying places, torn shoe soles, and so on. I relish the idea of moving to our new home soon, so I can leave those irritating pieces of junk behind in the dumpster! How grateful I am that God did not leave me behind in the dumpster, so to speak. I truly deserved it.

The topic of brokenness is an interesting one. The truth is, we are all broken whether we see it or not. Seeing it is the hard part. Some of us like to go on in life with duct tape covering over our brokenness. Maybe we paint over it, embellish it with stickers, stamps, or colorful beads. Allowing ourselves to BE broken, feeling broken, weak and helpless may give us a greater understanding of what it means to be saved. I picture my heavenly Father picking me up, the broken vase, and in His most majestic way, fixing me. I am not one of those who love hot pink duct tape, I would rather be truly repaired from the inside out. That is when I can truly be useful again.

Brokenness is so painful, humbling, and a truly pitiful experience. It takes bravery to enter into the knowledge of how broken we are. It hurts to feel weak, when all we want is to be strong. It is embarrassing to be caught as a sinner. The reward, is falling in love with our Savior. Living a full, abundant, authentic life is unlike anything ever experienced. Denying the enemy of his right to lie to us any longer and facing our brokenness does bring about a sort of suffering, but I would never want to trade it for anything in the world. I finally feel like a real person, able to be used somewhere, somehow. Best of all, I am beginning to truly know my Savior. I always want to be in this place...never do I want to step into a place of pride and selfishness again.

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pencil2paper said...

Beautiful, truely a work of Veritas!