Friday, February 17, 2012

Sit in the Mess

Yesterday I thought I was going to post tips about the healing process of a wounded heart. After thinking about this more, I think that is unrealistic. Tips for making a better scrapbook. Tips for cleaning a bathroom better. Tips for how to pack your car for a trip. Those are the kinds of things you can give tips for. Pain and healing must be lived out individually. I hope this was no let down. Rather than give tips, I thought I would share my own personal lessons (done with much editing) and thoughts about my own journey. This journey has duly affected my family, hopefully for the better.

My first lesson that I learned was to learn to sit in the mess. In my own situation I felt as though I was in a huge muddy pit and that I just had to climb out and fix this problem. Basically, I wanted to walk away, hide and pretend there was no problem, no pain. What I was learning was that I was to face it. Not only was I to face it, but was to sit down in that mess.

Just what was the point of sitting down in a mess? If I did that in my home, it would look like a tornado came and swept down in two hours. The point was to stop, look around, feel the pain of what I was in. To realize that Jesus was with me, there to help me, and to comfort me. This mess would not be forever. But it would have been had I not sat down and looked at it. I wanted answers. What was I to do? How was I to fix this? The feelings and intensity of pain was mounting and I was told to sit down in that mess?

Honestly, I was fuming inside at the beginning of this first lesson. I was a person of change, perfection, and was the best at covering things up to look good. This was not feeling good at all, however I did sit in that mess, and sat, and kept sitting. It felt like the longest time that I sat there. The pain was swarming inside me and I just let myself face it. I could not receive God's love and forgiveness and comfort if I did not face my own junk and realize what God could do with my heart.

Healing is a slow process, one with a goal of hope and joy and of a bright future at the end. I am still heading there. But I desire to pass along where I have been. God has comforted my heart in amazing ways, and has brought hope. He has shown me that HE knows me and loves me above all else and that no matter what is going on around me, I am still okay, because of HIM.

I pray my readers, if there are any, would also know that you can be okay too. Blessings and peace, Melissa

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